What Is Statical Prism?

Statical Prism is an easy-to-use productivity tool for professionals using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system. With Prism it is possible to quickly and effortlessly get an overview of C/AL code, modules and dependencies which is important for roles such as:

who read code to understand what the system is doing (or not doing)
who read code when doing root cause analysis or just try to understand a module they are not yet familiar with
who read code to understand what they have to build on or modify - in particular refactor, and for inspiration
who read code when they try to predict what could be impacted by a change
QA consultants
who review code and read code to see where the complexities are

Statical Prism is able to browse Dynamics NAV code in several ways. It is possible to connect to a database directly, or to export the objects as a text file and browse that or to browse a version control folder structure (or an unorganized folder with NAV source code files).


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Below are some quotes about our products and technology.

This is really a great tool! Special compliments for the UI design and the underlying .NET technology of F#

Ron van der Wijngaard (User)

Static analysis is dear to my heart as a way of improving programmer productivity, and I'm always impressed when people focus on the integration of languages and business products. And, it happens to be implemented in F#.

Don Syme (Microsoft Research)