Trouble-shooting Mirrors

Mirror initialization

During mirror initialization your may get one of the following messages:

The issue is that mirror synchronization uses the finsql.exe command-line, which (for some reason unknown to us) needs to connect to a service tier in order to export objects as txt files. This requires that the database "knows" which service tier to connect to. C/SIDE stores this information in the default zup-file.

Here is how you let C/SIDE know which (unique) service tier to connect to:

  1. Close all classic clients that you have open for the database
  2. Open classic client; this must be the exact finsql.exe that you have specified in the mirror configuration
  3. Open menu: File | Database | Information
  4. In the field "Server Instance", choose a service tier
  5. Close classic client
  6. In Prism, open the mirror manager and press the "Synchronize all mirrors now" button
  7. When synchronization has finished, you should be able to open the mirror. If not, please let us know via the built-in feedback facility (Help | Feedback...)

Object permission issues

Mirror synchronization uses the finsql.exe command-line to export objects as txt files. The export command uses the NAV license uploaded to the database, so if license does not permit to export an object as txt, then you will get a message like this:

If you get a message like this during mirror synchronizationand and you haveuploaded the correct NAV license to the databae, then do the following: